Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We Will be Launching a New Website

ReFrame is thrilled to announce that we will be launching our new website in late September 2009. For the past four years Quidnovis ( has provided us with space on their community website. It has been an incredible donation and we will be forever grateful to them for getting ReFrame up on the web and helping us navigate our way through it. Quidnovis will continue to support ReFrame by hosting of our website.

It was a very exciting time for ReFrame this summer when Esther Vincent from Mustang Web Design ( agreed to share her skill and design abilities with us to create our own website. Mustang has been very patient in teaching us the ways of the web design world so we can have a nice looking but still very functional site. I learned very quickly that there is way more to web design than what meets the eye. ReFrame certainly has a new appreciation for web design. Thanks Esther you have been wonderful to work with.

This leads me to the the site graphics. We love the look of the site and we have lots of other design changes coming for our 2010 festival thanks to Brandhealth. Brandheath is now the new designer for the festival so stay tuned for whats coming out of their design room. Brandhealth ( has been amazing to work with over the past 10 month coming on board late last year to design our new and amazing one pager folded program to help the festival become greener. Thanks Brandhealth

We want to take this opportunity to remember acknowledge and to thank Jennifer Tiberio Designs. Jennifer Tiberio was the festival's founding designer and has provided us with outstanding design for 5 years. Her ever beautiful, creative design and attention to detail helped the festival grow to what it is today. Jennifer is a very busy designer mainly based out of Toronto. We are sad to say goodbye but we understand the time necessary to do the our design was becoming increasing difficult with all of the other work she is doing in Toronto. Thanks Jenn, you will be forever missed and we will feel forever grateful for your contribution to the festival.

So, you've got the low-down on the up and coming site and all of the design... Stay tuned for our new domain name. It will be available here in late September.

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Ian McCormick said...

This looks good. Best wishes for your 2010 event. I'm hoping to come along, and will post a link on our site.

Ian McCormick
The International Community Film Forum