Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Happening in Peterborough's Downtown?

Peterboroughs' downtown is packed with activities January 2012. If you don't know what's on, you've been sleeping! Wake up, stop hibernating and climb out of your cave. Open your eyes, look at the beautifully designed posters, listening to the radio, watching the telly, go on facebook, tweet, blog. For goodness sake, get involved in what's happening!
Do I need to say more? OK, just because you're obviously just waking up I will spell it out.

ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival starts January 27th and continues until January 29th. Great films, wonderful entertainment and guaranteed a film for everyone's liking. Grab a festival catalogue this Friday January 13th at the Art Gallery of Peterborough during the official catalogue launch and the opening of a new exhibition or pick a catalogue up at one of the ticket agents - listed on the website - www.reframefilmfestival.ca
Because there are very few folks in this world who can watch films non-stop for three days. the DBIA has come up with a solution. It's called, Winterlicious and it is happening for the first time in downtown Peterborugh during ReFrame Peterborough International Film Festival.
Here's a plan. Watch a few films, visit one of the Still ReFrame Art Exhibitions, eat a bit of food, shop, take in another film or two and repeat for three days... What a weekend!

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Anonymous said...

These posters are amazing!